Designing a simple life.

Currently a Marketing Coordinator at Teem Wholesale and co-owner of Birdhaus Co. I hate awkward About pages so I'll make this one short and sweet! But.... I really suggest contacting me, I'm much more interesting (and funny) than this will ever make me sound... I promise

  • I am a sports fanatic, and designer through and through, & when those too collide I'm in absolute heaven
  • I am an insanely proud owner of the Green Bay Packers (and STOP telling me it means "nothing".. because it means a shit ton to me)
  • A world traveler... 4 continents and counting; you name the destination and I'm there!
  • A proud Ohio University alumna that could chat for hours with any Bobcat or undergrad Bobkitten
  • Avid concert goer that strongly believes music is good for the soul
  • I've been known to ask random questions that spark amazing conversations that really get you thinkin
  • Always down for a happy hour, and secretly hope it is a hidden hole the wall that is an absolute gem!
  • I was raised on a farm in a small Ohio town and will always keep those keep country roots and work ethic
  • Chances are you rarely hear someone call me by my first name. '89 was a year full of Heather's I guess